Each year, in December, GivingTuesdayGhana and its partners do something inspiring for Ghanaians. This year is no different. You and your organization can join our global efforts to create impact and encourage more generosity in Ghana.

Global Day Of Giving

GivingTuesday was created by Henry Timms and Asha Curan in 2012 at the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact—a cultural center in New York City that has been bringing people together around the values of service and giving back since 1874. GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. With a mission to build a more just and generous world, the movement is fueled by effective partnerships, contemporary collaborations, powerful business sponsors, and strong social media engagement. 

Around the world, people from 98 countries participated in #GivingTuesday in 2016. In 2017, Global leaders of 50 countries were championing the movement. And by 2019, global leaders from 10 African countries were approved to officially join the movement. To date, the GivingTuesday movement is now the most effective nonprofit model in the world. In, 2019, GivingTuesdayGhana hosted its first major activities in partnership with 6 organizations in Ghana. We invite you to get involved to help  Ghana’s charitable organizations succeed.

Who's Involved

GivingTuesdayGhana is connected to diverse groups of individuals, communities, and organizations, in both Liberia andn the diaspora, working towards one common purpose: to create effective partnerships among Ghana NGOs, clubs, churches, schools, and businesses. We believe an organized approach to creating impact is necessary for encouraging giving and volunteering. On November 27th, 2018, GivingTuesdayGhana hosted a major event in Ghana. The event highlighted and promoted the vital work being done by NGOs, schools, and individuals across Ghana; while encouraging others to get involved.

A number of organizations and individuals are joining the movement in Ghana through this portal, stating how they plan to partner, give, or celebrate. You can do the same; at no cost.

Why GivingTuesdayGhana?

Most Of Ghana’s Progress Can Be Attributed To The Amazing Work Of Nonprofit Organizations, Donors, And Volunteers. We Respect That.

While we value the efforts of nonprofit organizations operating in Ghana, we also understand the challenges they face. This platform exists to provide support for all legitimate Ghanaian charities! Our approach is to:

  • PARTNER – We partner with legitimate nonprofits operating in Ghana to reduce their challenges.
  • EDUCATE – We educate our partners on fundraising for their organizations as a network to increase impact.
  • CHALLENGE – We challenge our partners and all Ghanaians to join a national movement dedicated to improving the giving and volunteering culture in Ghana.

Join the movement – whether it’s some of your time, the power of your voice, your shared resource, or a donation, your act of giving something strengthens Ghana’s volunteer culture and giving movement to create a better Ghana through partnership.

Why Join Us

Free Training

Train Ghanaian nonprofit leaders and staff on nonprofit management, effective awareness, and fundraising campaigns

Facilitate & Lead

Facilitate and support activities for our partners efforts as the #GivingTuesday’s Global Leader in Ghana

Expense & Access

Decrease operational cost for our partners and provide access to larger audiences for fundraising and volunteers’ placements

Supporters Matter

We promote and educate Liberians about the values of volunteering and giving to charity. Get your organization listed

Effective Campaigns

Seek funding for combined training, fundraising toolkits, and awareness campaigns across Liberia

Annual Event

Each year, in December, GivingTuesdayLiberia and its partners do something inspiring for Liberians. You can be a part of this event


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